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Below are a few of our client challenges and how we lead the projects to completion with a solution that is not only energy efficient but solved the problems the client had.

Reflecting both large and small projects that have been undertaken by Building Alternatives, the case studies describe the value-enhancing practices and innovative energy efficient approaches utilized, which have been encouraged and implemented by using Energy Star construction.

Project 1

Client Challenge:

  • Super Energy Efficient Home
  • Small footprint
  • Modest Budget
  • Limited building site with steep slopes on two sides

Building Alternatives Solution:

  • 24×24 open concept with a loft
  • SIPS walls & roof
  • Pylons instead of a foundation to meet budget requirements SIPS floor to meet super energy efficiency requirements

Projects 1 Projects 1a

Project 2

Client Challenge:

  • VERY dry basement
  • VERY energy efficient
  • Site on top of a mountain with 360 degree exposure to elements and high winds

Building Alternatives Solution:

  • SIPS basement because no cement which wicks water. (ICF needs cement)
  • SIPS walls & roof for no wind infiltration
  • SIPS garage to make transition from garage to house climate easy and bonus room above is now super energy efficient

Projects 2 Projects 2 Projects 2

Project 3

Client Challenge:

  • Super Energy Efficient with a modest budget
  • Had to redesign floor plans for a 28×48 that the client loved to a 28×36 to fit the budget
  • Decided to combine technologies

Building Alternatives Solution:

  • ICF Foundation for house portion with cement for garage portion
  • Modular House with rigid insulation on the exterior and blown in cellulose
  • 2×6 panelized garage and bonus room with spray foam

Projects 3 Projects 3

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Tortorice's Tips are written and republished by Bob Tortorice, our owner and head contractor. Bob Tortorice has more than 35 years of experience in residential and commercial construction and shares his knowledge through his monthly article.

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